Saving on Exterior Painting-09′ Denver Hail Storm

Several areas of Denver and the Front Range of Colorado received a couple intense hail storms this summer. The majority of work is replacing roofs affected by the hail, some of which was golf-ball size, coupled with high winds. During these destructive storms, a few tornadoes were spotted, causing the golf-ball size hail to act as a sub-machine gun spray in areas off Smokey Hill Rd. and C-470 toll road.

Who was affected most by this storm as most roofs are needed replaced, are those newer homes with vinyl siding. Punching holes in siding, as if the neighborhood was sprayed with bullets on several sides of the homes.

Painting a few of these, we have determined how we can save insurance companies, and the homeowners a large amount of exterior painting costs normally involved with such jobs. Knowing that several sides of the homes need to be replaced, little masking is needed, since siding will be coming down and replaced, not having to mask off much of the vinyl. On a normal size home where just the trim is to be painted, not having to mask off damaged vinyl can see a savings of up to 30% of normal exterior painting costs.

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