About Eco Paint

Beginnings of Eco Paint

Knowing about Eco Paint starts back in 1993, as a Denver Paint Contractor paving the way using Eco Friendly lowest volatile odor compound (V.O.C) paint products available on the market at that time. Those who wanted their homes painted by Cal Phillips & Eco Paint Specialist’s, asked what was meant by Eco Paint?

Quickly responded, the acronym Eco generally was initially thought as ”Economical” all the way up to the late 80’s. In the early 90’s, the term Eco was quickly changing it’s meaning to ”Ecological”.

Ah, do you remember the Eco Challenge? A show on Discovery Channel in early 90’s, where a group of individuals would challenge the earth, doing some unbelievable feats, doing such things as triathlons in the Amazon’s rain forest. The Eco Challenge of the first Reality Show of it’s kind. The entire country was headed towards a Greener, more safer world we live, with recycling refuge, plastics, paper, protecting water ways, as well as air qualities.

Coining the phrase Eco Paint, Eco Paint Specialist’s had company name 7 years prior, before any Green Eco Friendly house paints ever became available for purchase.

Originator of Term Eco Paint

As the originator of the term “Eco Paint” world-wide, Cal had changed the company name from Cal’s Home Improvement, a sole proprietorship, to Eco Paint Specialist’s Inc. During that time, the acronym “Eco” was thought of a more economical sense, quickly becoming known as ecological as well. By 1999-2000 the first green earth-friendly paint was introduced, using lower V.O.C.s (Volatile Odor Content) within waterborne latex paint coatings.

Cal has kept both meanings close to his company philosophy, while keeping the painting cost at its lowest for the consumer, and remaining environmentally friendly. Always suggesting and choosing the least V.O.C paints available for every client, especially in today’s environment.

Eco Paint Drops Off Specialist’s

Keeping both definitions current, Eco meaning economical, as well as ecological. Eco Paint Specialist’s changed it’s name Jan. 2010, shortening the name, dropping off specialist’s as Google liked shorter company names at the time. Doing this for optimization purposes, as well making it easier to remember.

Denver Painting Contractor / Painters in Denver

Contractor painting homes as well as businesses across the front range area of Denver Colorado, taking care of either interior or exterior painting, deck finishes, and siding repairs and/or replacements, Eco Paint provides excellent painter’s craftsmanship every step of the way.

With thousands of paint colors to choose, painting residential, commercial, interiors as well as exteriors with over 40 years experience.

Business member of several area Chapters, Eco Paint was a certified as a Lead Abatement Contractor from EPA, and before Colorado adopted it’s own regulations on the subject.

With the push for Greener Ecological Living, Eco Paint is your answer.

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